Sunday, 21 December 2014

Berlin by Night

Hello my lovely readers.
I haven't been posting for a while now... again. BUT there's a reason for this: a new computer and not much time. So I first of all had to organize myself and I had to learn some stuff about my MacBook that I didn't know. :)

Well, let's go. My topic for this post is "Berlin by Night". As I do not longer live there, I realized that I kind of miss the lights you can see wherever you go in our capital. But I've been smart enough to capture all these magic moments and now I want to share them with you. Enjoy!

Furthermore, during my stay there was the so called "Festival of Lights" in Berlin. Amazing!

With my best friends who visited me.

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Monday, 24 November 2014

Hello Youtube!

One more time, my dear readers, I am so so sorry ! At the moment  I have  no computer, so it is not possible to post that much...
But as I returned from Berlin, I decided to work more on this blog AND also on MY youtube Account!

Yes, I am on youtube and it would be so great if you'd have a look: 

Either alone or with my sister as THE FUNK I try to upload as often as I can videos where you can listen to Cover Songs or original songs that I wrote myself.

So please,if you like my videos , support me and hit the like button or leave a Comment or follow me. :) lots of love 

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Monday, 13 October 2014

Favourite places in Berlin #2

I am so in love with this city. I try to discover as many things as I can during my time here, so I am very very sorry that I cannot blog that much these days. I hope you can forgive me! For little day-to-day moments you can just check out my instagram @chezmelodie ❤️

Well, nevertheless I wanted to present to you one more location I liked a lot in detail: the East side gallery in Friedrichshain . As we all know, Germany and especially Berlin have a sad history...

For me, it was so impressive to see what the people drew on  the wall in 1990 when they were finally liberated.. I cannot find the right words to explain my thoughts. 

Some facts: 
The wall was built after 1961. The reunion of eastern and western Germany took place on the 9th November 1989. The wall was coloured in 1990.

"Politics is the continuation of the war with other devices."

So many amazing paintings can be found on this wall...

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Wednesday, 1 October 2014

Favourite places in Berlin #1

Hello lovely readers! Asyou might have noticed, I'm staying in Berlin for a few weeks! I am super excited and I decided that I wanted to  share my impressions of my capital with You .

On my first evening , I went to an incredible American Diner at the "hacksche Höfe" with my dad. I fell in love with the location  ! Wow! It's just so ... i don't know... Hipster maybe? Or iconic? Have a look!

Btw: The food was delicious!!!!!

Doesn't it look great?What do you think?
Love from Berlin and more is coming soon ✖️ 

Wednesday, 24 September 2014


I just saw the work of the photographer Howard Schatz where he captured the relationships of models and their mothers in stunning pictures.You can have a look here

These pictures have been so inspiring and beautiful that I wanted to take MY own pictures.

I want to show with my photos not only the ressemblance of my mother and us sisters. I decided that I wanted to capture the beauty of different ages and of people that are not seen as "perfect".
I want to show our relationships towards the other ones. 

In the following photographs I tried to capture how loving my mother is with us and how thankful we are for that and how much we adore her.
On t'aime maman!

In the future, I want to do more campaigns like this and I'm hoping to find more people wanting to step in front of my camera!