Friday, 12 September 2014

Inspiring: Chanel

When it comes to fashion, I adore the style of Chanel. It is definitely one of my favourite brands, if not the one I like the most! I just love how they work with material and cut and most of all, I respect how Coco Chanel made her way in a world that was ruled by men. She is iconic.

So I often try to dress in a way that she would also do. Unfortunately I cannot afford clothes that are designed by Mister Lagerfeld. So, I have to improvise. In these pictures, I am wearing a very Chanel-like jacket by Mango and I am IN LOVE with it. Moreover, I thought that the colours I chose for my outfit, black, red and gold, are very Chanel.

And by the way, I also adore my new shoes!!!!

"Successful women do not fall in love." - Coco Chanel

Credits go to Melodie Funk

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