Thursday, 4 September 2014

Just like Michael Jackson

I present to you my lovely and beautiful sister Noemie, who is my model in these pictures.
I think that she has beautiful hair and is perfect just the way she is. As you may notice in this collection, she is a dancer. I wanted to show that in my pictures. I wanted to show the way, she can moove and how she is special just in her own way.

As a former dancer myself, I had to think about Michael Jackson when I took these pictures. He still is an icon, I think, and you can say whatever you want on his lifestyle or his personality, but you cannot deny that he changed a lot in the world of arts.

My sister is wearing a mixture of her own clothes and mine because I wanted that she looked really individual. The hat and the jewelery is vintage whereas the blazer is Mango, the top and the shoes H&M and the trousers.... I actually don't know... let's say vintage too?

But I have to admit... I'm quite proud of these photos... I love the simpicity of the black-and-white-style!
Have a lovely day ♥

Credits go to Melodie Funk

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