Monday, 13 October 2014

Favourite places in Berlin #2

I am so in love with this city. I try to discover as many things as I can during my time here, so I am very very sorry that I cannot blog that much these days. I hope you can forgive me! For little day-to-day moments you can just check out my instagram @chezmelodie ❤️

Well, nevertheless I wanted to present to you one more location I liked a lot in detail: the East side gallery in Friedrichshain . As we all know, Germany and especially Berlin have a sad history...

For me, it was so impressive to see what the people drew on  the wall in 1990 when they were finally liberated.. I cannot find the right words to explain my thoughts. 

Some facts: 
The wall was built after 1961. The reunion of eastern and western Germany took place on the 9th November 1989. The wall was coloured in 1990.

"Politics is the continuation of the war with other devices."

So many amazing paintings can be found on this wall...

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