Saturday, 10 October 2015

Cosplays #2 - Edward Kenway

A while ago, there was the gamescom 2015 in Cologne. My friends and I went there and this year we went in cosplays. Again. Oh, we love the gamescom, there is so much to discover!
And furthermore, the people were in love with our costumes, so a few days later, we did a photoshoot.
My cosplay was Edward Kenway from the game "Assassins Creed - Black Flag". I just love this game. The setting is amazing. And Assassins Creed in general is awesome!
It took me one year (with several breaks included) to finish this cosplay and I'm proud as hell!
Love, Melodie


Sunday, 6 September 2015


Some other shots we took the same day as the mother-daughter-photographs. Sometimes we fight, my sister and I, but nevertheless we love each other endlessly. Do you have a sister? Or maybe a brother? What do you think is so special about them? Maybe you should tell them. I think that they would be happy to hear it.
I soon realized that I am a role model for my sister. At first I thought it was annoying... She would want to have clothes that looked as mine. She wanted to buy the same things that I had. She wanted the same plants as me!!!! But after a while, I stopped being so annoyed by it. I mean.. she's my sister. And it is a compliment if someone wants to be like you! I'm a role model. And I'm proud of it. I'm also proud of my sister , for she is finding her own way.

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Wednesday, 19 August 2015

Family is everything

Another post dedicated to my wonderful mom and my lovely (but also sometimes annoying) little sister... I love them so so much. They are two of the most important women in my life and I'm so grateful for having them. I think if it wasn't for my mom, I would be starving/dead by now.... ^^'
And for my sister... As I said, she sometimes is annoying... but nevertheless, she is my sisterheart and it's great to have someone adoring you and whom you can spend lonely evenings with, watching Pretty Little Liars. :) I love them.

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