Sunday, 6 September 2015


Some other shots we took the same day as the mother-daughter-photographs. Sometimes we fight, my sister and I, but nevertheless we love each other endlessly. Do you have a sister? Or maybe a brother? What do you think is so special about them? Maybe you should tell them. I think that they would be happy to hear it.
I soon realized that I am a role model for my sister. At first I thought it was annoying... She would want to have clothes that looked as mine. She wanted to buy the same things that I had. She wanted the same plants as me!!!! But after a while, I stopped being so annoyed by it. I mean.. she's my sister. And it is a compliment if someone wants to be like you! I'm a role model. And I'm proud of it. I'm also proud of my sister , for she is finding her own way.

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